A huge fleet of China come from the USSR struck the USA


Archived photophoto: Reuters

The U.S. intelligence community and the American company Planet at the same time made satellite imagery conducted by the Chinese Navy in the South China sea exercises. It is reported by Popular Mechanics, who called what he saw “extraordinary spectacle”.

“Today, China generates the largest recent marine group, creating a large number of new ships equipped with modern missiles and sensors”, — writes the edition.

Popular Mechanics counted on the images 43 of the ship. Among them, possible to reliably identify the Liaoning aircraft carrier (converted after the purchase from the Ukraine, the Soviet “Varyag”), equipped with 24 fighter Shenyang J-15 (based on the purchased from Ukraine Soviet prototype su-33) and several helicopters.

In Popular Mechanics admit that in exercises in the South China sea was attended by several submarines, destroyers, corvettes and boats of the Chinese Navy, equipped with modern missiles.

Exercises in the South China sea involving the aircraft carrier and support group began on 27 March 2018. A few days before that in the region close to the disputed Islands was noted by the U.S. Navy destroyer USS Mustin.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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