Disclosed details created by a Russian aircraft Il-276


Photo: PJSC “Il”

Tactical and technical requirements for a promising military transport aircraft Il-276 approved by the United aircraft Corporation (UAC) and the Ministry of industry and trade, told TASS in OJSC “Il”.

“With the defense Ministry TTZ agreed to finalize its approval of the plan no later than the second quarter of 2018,” — said in the firm Ilyushin.

The developer noted that “the primary objective of the program is to build a transport aircraft that will meet all the requirements of the military.” The company also said that whether Il-276 made in a variant of the tanker, the point of contact and air of the hospital, depends on the customer.

In addition, the firm Ilyushin with 2019 will develop special simulators for pilots Il-276. “It is planned to produce special equipment and learning tools which will allow pilots to easily learn a new car. The simulators will begin in 2019 and deliveries from 2026,” said the company.

Medium military-transport aircraft Il-276, formerly known as the Russian-Indian project of MTA (Multipurpose Transport Aircraft) is being developed to replace combatant An-12. The first flight of the Il-276 scheduled for 2023, 2025 it is planned to complete development work, and 2026 — to start serial deliveries in the interests of the defense Ministry.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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