Romanians fought a bear for stealing alcohol


Photo: Lino Mirgeler / DPA /

The Romanian hunters are allowed to kill brown bears, who sacked the houses in the village Suseni in Transylvania. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

The animal, whose age is about five years, made a series of raids on the village. The head of the local society of hunters and fishermen claims that in the night an animal got into three houses, and then came back the next day and broke the window in the fourth.

As a rule, the beast climbed the kitchen while the men slept, and ate sugar, candles and fat. During one of his visits he found a bottle of alcoholic drink, which the villagers prepared from cranberry syrup and alcohol. “He opened it, drank it, then ate the berries went into the forest and fell asleep under the first tree,” says hunter.

On 28 March it was reported that in Scandinavia, the bear began a year longer to care for the young, because the Swedish laws restrict the hunting of bears, move in groups. Longer care for the offspring increases the chances of survival for the bear and cubs.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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