The Chinese were forbidden to write about the “fat” Kim Jong Yne and call it a pig


Kim Jong Infoto: KCNA / Reuters

In the Chinese service Weibo has banned the use of the word “fat” and “pig” in conjunction with the name of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN. The blocking of such search queries are carried out during a visit of the DPRK leader in Beijing. This was reported portal China Digital Times.

The magazine’s staff noticed that the search Weibo for several days was inaccessible queries containing variations of combinations of the name Kim with the words “third”, “fat man”, “child” and “pig”.

March 28 at trends came requests “Fatty III” and “Kim Fatty III”, hinting at the weight of the leader of the DPRK. Some deleted messages on the need for reform in North Korea, has reappeared in the files of the website by the end of the visit, Kim Jong-UN to Beijing.

The trip, Kim Jong-UN to China lasted from 25 to 28 March. It was the first official visit of North Korean leader since his inauguration. Media reported that the heads of China and the DPRK exchanged assurances of eternal friendship, and agreed to a visit by XI Jinping, North Korea.

Previously, the search service Weibo went missing a few dozen queries that involve the letter N, as well as some phrases and titles of books in the dystopian genre. Journalists tied tighter regulation with the proposal of the Chinese Communist party to abolish constitutional limits on the presidential term in the country.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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