Russians warned against traveling to Britain because of an outbreak of Russophobia


Photo: Maria Tabak / RIA Novosti

Citizens of Russia can face a claim of harassment and provocation in the UK. On Saturday, March 31, warns the Russian Embassy in the Kingdom on its website.

The Embassy noted that the British law enforcement and intelligence agencies can pay special attention to the owner of Russian passports at points of entry and exit.

“Possible emergency stop and arrest citizens under false pretenses in order to conduct a detailed interrogation and searches when entering and leaving the country. This may be required for removal and inspection of personal electronic devices (computers, mobile phones, tablets, electronic media). It is also possible confiscation of identity documents”, — explained in the Embassy.

Diplomats told the citizens in advance of arriving in airports, and in case of transit to allow more time between flights. In addition, the Russians recommended to use the camera and voice recorder in case of any disputes and unwarranted arrests. Doubters suggested not to postpone or cancel the trip to the Kingdom.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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