Stephen Hawking was buried


Photo: Henry Nicholls / Reuters

British physicist Stephen Hawking was buried in Cambridge. A private funeral was well attended by about 500 people, according to CBS.

Among those who came to say goodbye to the scientists, was his ex-wife Jane, actors Eddie Redmayne and felicity Jones, who played the main roles in the movie “the universe Stephen Hawking” and the guitarist of Queen Brian may.

Physicist died on March 14, on 77-m to year of life.

Fame Hawking received after April 1988, he published his popular science book “a brief history of time”. It has been translated into dozens of languages and published a total circulation of more than 10 million copies. The scientist paid much attention and such pressing problems as global warming, the environment and social inequality.

The main scientific result of Hawking is associated with the description of black hole radiation. He expressed the hypothesis that black holes of low mass lose energy by emitting radiation at their event horizon, and eventually “die”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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