Su-57 will be able to reset homing “Drills”


Photo: / Global Look Press

Russian fifth generation fighter, the su-57 would be able to carry on Board the latest bomb Drill. This was reported by “Interfax” Deputy General Director of concern-the developer “tekhmash” (included in “rostec”) Alexander Kochkin.

“The drills can be used with all types of aircraft — from long-range strategic bombers to attack aircraft”, — he said.

Kochkin recalled that the bomb allows you to strike objects without entering into the affected area air defense of the enemy. “The aircraft dropped the bomb, she plans, and homing combat elements cover the area near the goal,” he explained.

In early January the head of “Tehmash” Mr Lepine reported that “Drill” passes the state tests in 2016, they should be completed in 2018.

A lot of planning to bomb the cassette gear submunitions is 500 pounds. One “Drill” is able to stop firing the battery or tank column the enemy. During the withdrawal from the carrier, the range target is more than 30 kilometers, despite the absence of “Drills” of the engine.

Su-57 is the first Russian fighter of the fifth generation. The aircraft has a low visibility to enemy systems, has high-survivability and maneuverability, able to move at supersonic speed without afterburner. According to its characteristics it can be compared with the American fighter-bomber F-35.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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