The players of the championship of England are hooked on prohibited tobacco


Photo: Alastair Grant/ AP Photo

Players playing in the English Premier League and the championship, use illicit tobacco snus. Reported by the Daily Mail.

Snus is a special type of tobacco which contains a high concentration of nicotine. It is placed between the upper lip and teeth for a long time. Snus gives strength and increases concentration and also lowers appetite. Its sale is banned in all EU countries, except for Sweden and Norway. Also tobacco is in the monitoring list world anti-doping Agency.

According to the Daily Mail, players use snus before and during matches. Also was calculated the number of accounts in social networks, in which sells this tobacco. They were signed by some current players.

In 2016 striker “Leicester city” Jamie Vardy in his autobiography wrote that he had used snus as some other players. Daily Mail notes that in March at practice, “Lester” was discovered bags with this tobacco.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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