In Moscow lit shopping center “Perseus for children”


Photo: Google Street View

In the East of Moscow burning shopping center “Perseus for children”. About it “” has informed a source in the emergency services.

“One person was injured, his condition is specified”, — he said.

Lit warehouse with toys on the fourth floor. Some visitors, cut off by smoke, were evacuated by the rescue ladder from the transition gallery connecting the shopping center with another building. Staff triggered the smoke exhaust system.

MDK / Telegram

Only the building evacuated 300 people, according to an informed source “Interfax”. According to him, the building still may be people. “Because of the complex layout is problematic firefighters to reach the fire. At the same time a search for possible victims in the galleries shopping center,” — said the source.

Shopping center is located in building 28 on the Small Semenovskaya street. On the fourth floor, there is a play area, hair salon and Studio for children.

Previously, on 25 March, a fire occurred in the Kemerovo TC “Winter cherry”. According to official figures, killed 64 people, most of them children, who came to the show. Investigation on three criminal article, detained seven people, including the fire safety officer. After the tragedy, the Governor of the region Aman Tuleyev has resigned.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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