NASA will send to Mars bee


Photo: Frank Rumpenhorst / DPA /

NASA plan to send to Mars robotic scouts, equipped with wings. They were called “Martian bees”, and they are intended to obtain data on atmospheric pressure and sampling of regolith on the red planet. This writes the online edition of Science Alert.

Another name for “Martian bees” — aerospace design with flapping wings (eng. flapping wing aerospace architectures). The developers suggest that robots will act in groups, and periodically return to recharge on the mobile base of the Rover. Currently, experts are working on the technical feasibility of the project. In particular, they plan to use a vacuum chamber to study the aerodynamics of flying robots in the conditions of the Martian atmosphere.

According to experts, preliminary studies have shown that the apparatus simulates a bumblebee with wings of the Cicada, will create sufficient lift force for flight. The developers are going to minimize energy costs by installing springs at the base of the wings. In addition, if a robot falls, the other bees will be able to raise it and then transfer it to the database.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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