Learning Russian drivers found serious errors


Photo: Vitaly Belousov / RIA Novosti

Traffic police have made a significant difference in the exam fees for future drivers. We are talking about respect of the first medical aid at road accident — the doctors found a severe bug reports on Monday, 9 April, “Kommersant”.

As says the publication, instructions for providing medical assistance in the ticket contrary to what is given in driving schools. For example, in the exam a student asked how to help a person with an open fracture of the limbs with arterial bleeding. The “correct” answer — the tourniquet above the wound at the fracture site. However, the health Ministry stressed that this action can only worsen the situation of the victim.

“It got to the point that teachers told students what answers you need to give the exam to obtain a rating of “pass”, but warned that in real life, you need to use completely different techniques,” says the President of the Interregional Association of driving schools Tatiana Shutyleva.

Changes were also made to the questions about how to determine if a victim is alive how to retrieve a foreign body from the airway to help in thermal burns, how to do CPR and how to extract the wounded from the car.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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