Monkeys from the zoo ran came for them thieves


Photo: Wellington Zoo page in Facebook

Monkeys living in the zoo of the new Zealand city of Wellington, was able to get rid of the thieves that broke into their enclosure. About it reports UPI.

On Friday night unknown persons with the help of bolt cutters penetrated into the enclosure 12 squirrel monkeys. Signs of forced entry were discovered only in the morning. The zoo staff feared that one of the animals kidnapped, but they were all in place. In this part of the monkeys received minor injuries.

Zoo staff believe that between thieves and animals began to fight. In the end the beasts were able to repel the attack. “They’re all right, — said in a statement the zoo. — We keep them all together so they had each other’s support to return to normal mode. In the coming days, will keep an eye on them closely to make sure all is well.”

Squirrel monkeys (squirrel monkeys) are found in South America. Their growth is 25-35 centimetres, excluding the tail, and the weight does not exceed 1.1 kg. The squirrel monkey brain is easier than most primates: it is completely devoid of convolutions. Females have pseudopenis they show small monkeys to show who is the boss.

In January it was reported that two villages in the Thai province of Sisaket suffered from the raids of monkeys-Griboedov. Flocks of wild monkeys broke into the house in search of food, scattered things, opened the fridge and threw off products on the floor. The attack involved more than three thousand individuals.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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