A woman condemned for the story of rape to police


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A resident of Magnitogorsk Salem Muhamedianova fined on 20 thousand rubles for false information for the reports of beatings and rape in the police Department, according to lawyers of Fund “Public verdict”.

“All of the evidence presented by the defense was recognized by the court as untenable. The evidence of the prosecution were not subjected to criticism and doubt. A separate issue is the fact that the Statute of limitations for criminal prosecution for “false denunciation” expired in February, but this did not prevent the judge to reach a guilty verdict,” commented the decision of Lenin court lawyer Olga lepekhina.

The lawyers intend to file a complaint with the European court of human rights.

According to the Fund, Muhamedjanova was detained by police together with her husband Igor Gubanov after a conflict with a neighbor in January 2016. In the police Department, according to the woman, beat her up and raped her. The spouse of the victim Igor Gubanov, protesting against the lack of investigation of rape of his wife, cut off his two fingers on the hand.

According to Muhamedjanova and Gubanova, the police threatened to throw them the drugs. They appealed to the Investigative Committee, but after investigating the incident, prosecutors charged Muhamedianova false denunciation.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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