Dozens of dead geese fell on an American city


Photo: Idaho Department of Fish and Game

In the us city of Idaho falls, Idaho, the sky has fallen more than 50 dead geese. It is reported by Fox 13.

The incident occurred on Saturday evening, April 7, during a severe thunderstorm with hail. All birds were found within a radius of several hundred meters. The representative of the Department of hunting and fishery resources of the state of Rabbi Jacob (Jacob Berl) said that Sunday was removed 48 white goose and three Ross’s goose. Several dead birds remained on the roofs of neighboring houses till Monday.

Berl believes that a flock of geese heading to Canada. The cause of their death was supposedly a lightning strike. According to Berl, if they were hit by hail, birds would be planned on the ground and landed in different places.

White geese nesting in northwestern Greenland, Northern Canada and North-Eastern Siberia, and Ross geese in Alaska and Northwest Canada. In the winter they migrate to the southern United States and Mexico, and the breeding season, which begins in may, come back.

In February it was reported that a UK resident found in his garden had fallen from the sky dead cat shark. He suggested that it was dropped by a Seagull flying.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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