In the network leaked information about the most epic battle of “Game of thrones”


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The creators of “Game of thrones” finished filming the most epic battle in the series, which lasted a record show for 55 nights. This was reported by fan site Watchers on the Wall.

About the filming of the battle of the fans found out from a closed Instagram account assistant Director Jonathan Kinlan. He published a photo of the postcard that members of the crew received from the producers and then leaked to the public. Filmmakers thanked for what they withstood 55 nights “cold, snow, rain, mud, sheep shit Toom and winds Magheramore (villages in Northern Ireland — approx. “Of the”)”.

From the post of Kinlan became known that the battle will be held in three different locations. Fans speculated that we are talking about the battle for the castle of Winterfell, the scenery of which the crew burned in February. It is noted that a new epic scene took the creators more time than “the battle of the bastards” from the sixth season.

“Game of thrones” aired on HBO since 2011. The literary basis of the Saga was the series of books “a Song of ice and fire”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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