Lose in casino canadian called rescuers


Photo: Steve Marcus / Reuters

In Canada, losing all the money in the casino a woman called rescuers to take her home. This was reported by news portal the Whig.

The incident occurred in the County of Leeds, province of Ontario. 21-year-old canadian called 911 around 5 a.m. Saturday and asked to send her home because she had no money for a taxi. The dispatcher advised her not to move and wait until they figure out how to help her.

However, after that someone gave the girl 20 canadian dollars (about 980 rubles) on the road. Canadian called rescuers, and thanked them for the help and explained that he returned to the casino to win. More it the police called.

Inspector Mike Francis (Mike Francis), head of the local police, urged citizens not to bother the emergency services for nothing, and the girl was advised to go to the treatment center for gaming addiction.

In late February it was reported about the poker player who put all his winnings on black in roulette. The man managed to double your money in two times, and the video of the incident got more than half a million hits per day.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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