Recovering drug goat started a new life



In the USA the goat, who was forced to use drugs and alcohol, sent on courses therapeutic animals. It is reported by news portal WPXI.

For the first time about the goat started talking in February 2018, when his master, the groom, Sergio Palomares-Guzman (Sergio Palomares-Guzman) is from Georgia, was arrested because he gave the animal a cocaine and whiskey, shot it on video and published on social networks.

Animal rights activist Kayla Jones (Kyla Jones) took the animal into his orphanage and named him Whiskey. According to her, he was so skinny that his ribs could be counted. Besides the goat at first, avoided people, and volunteers had to persuade him to eat. Over time, however, he recovered, and began with pleasure eat fruits and vegetables, and loved to communicate with people and get jealous when visitors to the shelter are paying attention to other animals.

Jones plans to give Whiskey to the courses to use totraditional animal in order to treat children. “That is the cutest goat in the world, he’ll cope”, she added.

Zootherapy is a method of treatment of patients with animals. They are often used when working with patients with increased anxiety, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, as well as in hospices.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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