Walking in the restaurant the judge tripped and sued half a million rubles


Valentine Dimitto: Sugerokii.Russia

The Supreme court of the Republic refused to consider the case of the former judge Valentina Dimich about collecting of 500 thousand roubles for moral harm from the restaurant in Cheboksary. On Wednesday, April 11, writes the regional newspaper “Pravda PFO”.

A panel of judges on civil Affairs announced full withdrawal. Dimic for a long time held a post of the Chairman of the judicial composition for civil cases of the Supreme court of the Chuvash Republic, the publication.

Dimich in February 2017, was the guest of honor at the wedding of friends, which celebrated the restaurant in the centre of Cheboksary. During the celebration she tripped on a step at the entrance to the hall and fell. In what state is she in this moment was unknown, information on this issue in the case is missing, the newspaper notes.

The restaurant staff had a former judge of the first aid and called an ambulance. At the hospital, Dymic put a plaster on his right hand, was diagnosed with a slight concussion and was advised rest. The restaurant offered the victim compensation of 100 thousand rubles, but Dimech went to court and recovered from the institution five times more.

For the Republic this is a record amount of compensation, the newspaper notes, pointing out that “usually, the amount of compensation for moral harm even death in an accident with his culprit in the Chuvash Republic does not exceed 100 thousand rubles. The restaurant appealed against the decision to pay the judge half a million rubles. Now this case will be considered in the Supreme court of Russia.

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