American three month ate fast food and lost weight


Photo: Tyler Marinelli

A resident of the US for three months every day ate fast food from the restaurant Chipotle and lost. His story he told the publication Men’s Health.

Tyler Marinelli (Tyler Marinelli) from the city of Parkland, Florida, admitted that he managed to lose twenty pounds and reduce body fat percentage from 30 to 22 points. Every day he allowed himself there are eight hours and the other 16 — were starving. He also adhered to the principles of flexible dieting is to distribute the ration according to the principle of 40 percent carbohydrates, 40 percent protein and 20 percent fat per day.

But Marinelli decided not to refuse meal from your favorite fast food restaurant and figured out how to include them in your menu. Man eating only certain ingredients — mainly rice and chicken, giving up sour cream, French fries and cheese.

“I knew that if I ate only chicken, rice or beans, I can fit them into your diet plan, and continue to lose weight, enjoying the food,” said the American. On training days, he ate 1800 calories a day, and the rest — 1200. In addition to chicken with rice from a restaurant Marinelli was eating egg whites, black beans, and yogurt.

Nutritionist Susan Berkman (Susan Berkman) noted that diet Marinelli can not be called balanced, as it does not include fruits and vegetables. “Over time, this can lead to bad consequences and deficiency of vitamins and minerals”, she said.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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