Champion of Russia remembered the threat, Cherchesov to break his neck


Igor Denisovitch: Vitaliy Belousov / RIA Novosti

Captain “Locomotive” Igor Denisov explained the essence of the conflict, which Stanislav Cherchesov does not cause it in Russia. The words of the midfielder leads

The quarrel occurred when the player and coach were in the Moscow “Dynamo”. In March 2015, Denisov came into the fray with Cherchesov for midfielder Artur Yusupov, who led the negotiations with “Zenith” and because of this lost his place in the first team. He believed that Yusupov scored a good shape and could help the team in the lost Petersburgers, match (0:1).

“I said, “Salamis, you know that I shoot shots (Denisov at the moment he was injured a calf muscle — ed. “Of the”). Why due to some documentary issues are not playing our best player?”. I am a team leader and, if in a normal tone, have the right to ask anything. He comes in, he hears it abruptly comes up to me: “I’m not Spalletti, I’m quickly put in place. Went to shower I told you there is a neck break”,” — said Denisov.

After this, the midfielder promised that he will never serve Cherchesova hands. “Dynamo” fined the player a total of 21 million roubles, but later Denisov sued the club that amount. According to him, Cherchesov was a witness in the case. At the hearing, they met for the last time.

He Cherchesov said that Denisov told him who should play and who is not. “He specifically said I’m neither for man nor for the coach does not believe I do not exist for him. I said, say it again. He repeated,” — said the coach.

Cherchesov coached the Russian national team since the summer of 2016. Denisov missed the European championship in France due to the injury, after which the team was not called. In an interview he said he was ready to return to the team, but to apologize to Cherchesov will not.

Denisov made his debut in the national team in 2008. According to one version, he could go to Euro 2008, but was offended by the trainers, who for a long time did not attract him to the matches for the national team. At the tournament, the Russians became owners of bronze medals.

Denisov participated in two major international competitions: the European championship 2012 and world Cup 2014. Just on account of his 54 matches for the national team.

In the current season the player has played 27 games for “the locomotive” became the champion of Russia.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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