The cat for the first time, meowed and saved the hosts from a painful death


Photo: @ChristianWKRC12

Cat warned American family about a gas leak and saved people from death. This was reported by local news portal WACH.

The incident occurred in the town of green township, Ohio, Tuesday morning, may 15. The young owner of a cat named Mr. Boo Keckes Ariana (Ariana Kecskes) said that the whole family was awakened by the meow of a cat, never uttered a sound like that. “He usually either squealed or did not produce any sounds. We often joked about that”, she said.

The cat continued to meow and push the owners to face the exit. In the hallway Keckes lost consciousness, her father and brother carried her out of the house on his hands and called rescuers. Mr. BU also fainted, but he was able to shake the other cat living with a family. The responding firefighters found that the basement of the house leaked carbon monoxide from a gas water heater.

As a result of incident nobody has suffered, but now the family plans to purchase detectors for carbon monoxide. “It seems that he waited all his life to commit such a heroic act”, commented Keckes.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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