The possibilities of Russian weapons of the “judgment day”


Image: Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation

Design Russian underwater vehicle “Poseidon” allows for the installation of a nuclear warhead , reported TASS a source in the military-industrial complex.

“On “torpedo” multi-purpose marine systems “Poseidon” and you can set different nuclear charges, the maximum power will have a monobloc thermonuclear warhead, is similar to the charge “Avagard”, up to 2 megatons in a trotyl equivalent”, — said the source.

The source noted that in nuclear equipment vehicle “designed primarily for the destruction of fortified naval bases of potential enemy.” In his opinion, because of the atomic power plant “Poseidon” will go to targets at Intercontinental range at a depth of over a kilometer with a speed of 60-70 knots (110-130 kilometers per hour).

On the possible development of an unmanned underwater vehicle “Poseidon”, originally known as the “Status-6”, first became known in November 2015. In March 2018, President Vladimir Putin officially confirmed the existence of such weapons.

Accurate tactical and technical characteristics “of Poseidon” has not been officially disclosed, we only know that the underwater vehicle, equipped with an innovative nuclear power, able to move at super deep with unlimited range, is a weapon of mass destruction designed to destroy economic facilities of the enemy.

In April 2018 in the UK called “Status-6” device “judgment day”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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