The ambulance driver protested against wage cuts and lost job


Photo: Maria Savchenko / RIA Novosti

In Vladikavkaz, ambulance driver Alan Gagiev fired soon after he organized the rally because of wage cuts. The official reason of dismissal — failing to challenge, write “to the Caucasus.Realities”.

“About eight o’clock in the morning I went out on a call. When I returned, I noticed that the card call is altered. Time wrote later. The doctor who attended the patient, frankly admitted that the management asked her to change the time” — said Gayev edition. He turned to the Prosecutor.

Staff Clinical emergency hospital, where he worked as a man, began to cut wages at the beginning of the year. Started with incentive payments, which average four thousand roubles. First complained to the paramedics, the drivers, who were forced to wash independently and to repair the machines, and then threatened with fines for excessive consumption of gasoline and refusing to go out on a call without sirens.

“In the past nine shifts a month, the drivers received an average of 25-26 thousand rubles, now their income does not exceed 17 thousand rubles. Our salaries down to the level of seven years ago,” said Galiev.

Rally drivers against wage cuts took place in Vladikavkaz on may 22. Prior to that, 70 people signed a letter to President Vladimir Putin and demanded to understand the situation.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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