Elena Temnikova told about the exploitation of sexuality in the group Serebro


Photo: Vladimir Starkov / TASS

Singer Elena Temnikova admitted that he felt uncomfortable in the group Serebro for Frank outfits participating. She told in an interview to tengrinews, a recording of the interview posted on YouTube (video has been removed from the official channel of the portal for copyright infringement and perezalit).

In response to the question, as it relates to the label of “singing cowards” who criticized the girls from Serebro, Temnikova said repeatedly requested the producer to change her dress code, but it did not succeed. “Of course I understand what people think about us. Although it was only an image, to me it was not easy, frankly. I asked me to cover, but, you know, sexy — it works,” explained the singer.

“It was my personal complexes. I usually brought up, but I was always ashamed of my body, and still [shy]. It was difficult for me to wear something above the knee, I really was uncomfortable in the neckline. I remember we had a beautiful, bright, short dresses, and I was criticized that I every thirty seconds its pulled down,” recalled the artist.

In February 2017, the soloist of the group Serebro Olga Seryabkina participated in the program in which you had to answer questions from fans, while playing the fighting game Mortal Кombat. During the game, she refused to answer a question from a fan from Kazakhstan, saying that she does not care about this country. Seryabkina later apologized to the inhabitants of Kazakhstan.

Group Serebro was formed in 2006, its first participants Temnikova, Seryabkina and Marina Lizorkina. In 2007 they took third place at Eurovision with the song Song #1. Temnikova Serebro left in 2014.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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