Woman sued for spamming intimate photos


Photo: Cherelle Eweka

A resident of the UK Cherill Iveka (Cherelle Eweka) has been on trial for obsessive behavior in social networks against former lover, whom she met on Tinder. Reported by the Daily Mail.

The court sentenced 26-year-old woman to one year probation, fined 85 pounds (7 thousand rubles) and ordered to pay compensation to the victim — 25 pounds. It is also forbidden to approach the victim within two years.

Cherill and Gender Airi (Paul Airey) met on Tinder and dated for some time. Paul decided to break up with a woman, when she began compulsively to control his actions and was not allowed to keep the phone numbers of friends.

After breaking up the woman chased ex-lover for one and a half months. She sent the man numerous Nude photographs and threatened suicide, if Paul decides to return to her. Also, the woman created fake accounts in Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook, through which she tried to achieve reciprocity from the Floor, threatened his family and friends, forcing the man to leave with her.

Gender Airi told the court that he even lost business because of the need to remove the account of the company in social networks. At the same time Cherill not been diagnosed with a mental illness.

In late may, was arrested the Spaniard, nicknamed “the king of Tinder,” which had unlawfully obtained through the app Tinder 150 thousand euros.

In April the girl told on Twitter about the worst date hosted through the popular app for Dating: a man put drugs in her food, and then stole the keys and were preparing to dismember the sleeping girl right in her home.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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