Accused of child abuse educators said libel


Frame: channel 31 Chelyabinsk / YouTube

Former employees Lazurnenskogo correctional boarding school (Chelyabinsk oblast), which was accused of sexually abusing pupils, went to the police with a collective claim for defamation, according to

According to the publication, the involvement of educators to crimes against sexual integrity of children, in which they accused the foster parents, was not confirmed. The Commissioner for children’s rights in the region Irina Butorina said that the staff were “all checks, including polygraph”.

Preliminary examination will last until mid-July.

Earlier foster families complained about the pressure from the investigation and moved to Krasnodar Krai. It all started after they decided to take the kids on vacation to the South: the investigator is required to pass the repeated is judicial-medical examination in Moscow, although, judging by the results of the first study, the children did not lie about violence. After that, parents became interested in social service.

In February, seven of the adopted boys aged 10 to 14 years old told his foster parents that they were raped in the orphanage near Chelyabinsk. The accusation of pedophilia was arrested 51-year-old local resident: he was charged with 11 episodes. The boarding school was closed, the official reason was a restriction of water flow to the institution. The staff of the boarding school passed a polygraph test and remained at their posts.

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