Japanese Princess abdicated the title for marrying a commoner


Photo: Reuters

Japanese Princess Ayako of Takamado has announced that it will marry the common man and give up the Royal status. It is reported by CNN.

The control of the Imperial court of Japan officially announced that the third and youngest daughter of Prince Norihito Takamado, will marry the 32-year-old man kei Moriya, who works at a shipping company.

The lovers met less than a year ago. The engagement is scheduled for August 12, the wedding on 29 Oct. The last event will be held at the Meiji Shrine. The couple admits that he had bonded because of their common desire to contribute to global welfare. In addition, they both love skiing, books and travel.

According to Imperial custom, the girl will lose the Royal rank, as soon as the wedding ceremony. However, she will receive about a million dollars.

Ayako is not the first Princess who gave up his title for love. To tie the knot with a commoner meant Princess Mako Akishino, granddaughter of the ruling Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko. In September 2017 the engagement took place. However, in February this year the couple announced that they are not ready for marriage.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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