The girls found a way to be like Meghan Markle


Megan Marketto: Leon Neal / Getty Images

On the website of the retailer Asda appeared cosmetic to create freckles as the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle. It is reported by The Sun.

“Naturalness and freckles are in fashion now! Choose a concealer contour to recreate the beautiful freckles Megan. The more freckles the better!” — written in the product description.

George pencil Crayon Contour is available in the online shop Asda at a price of four dollars.

Meghan Markle come to your wedding with a minimal amount of make-up. Fans inspired freckles, which the Princess did not mask cream tone, and they began to share their pictures without makeup on social networks. The publication with the hashtag #freckleslikemeghan (“freckles like Megan”), #frecklesfordays and #frecklegang flooded Instagram.

In June, fans wife princes Harry rushed into tattoo shops asking them to fill in the faces freckles like idol. Canadian tattoo artist Gabriel Rainbow said that in the first days after the events in her Studio Twin Peonies for the unusual headdress has come a huge number of clients of both sexes. They all wanted a “natural person” Duchess of Sussex.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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