Ukraine has accused Russia of preparing a large-scale cyber attacks


Photo: Steve Marcus / Reuters

Ukraine suspects Russian hackers in the preparation of large-scale cyberattacks. This was stated by the head of the Ukrainian Kiev Sergey Demidyuk in an interview with Reuters.

According to Delduca, Ukrainian companies striking piece of malware that, in the opinion of the Ukrainian side, comes from Russia. The affected companies belong to different industries, which include banks and energy infrastructure. The malware sample suggests that its developers want to activate the full potential in a predefined day.

The Ukrainian authorities believe that the attack may begin in one of the closest national holidays such as Constitution Day 28 June Independence Day 24 Aug.

Demeduk, said that the Ukrainian postal and telecommunications cooperated with foreign agencies to track hackers. However, he declined to name those agencies.

In June 2017, hackers attacked major Russian and Ukrainian companies, running the virus-cryptographer Petya. When professionals in the field of cybersecurity has managed to cope with the threat, the attackers released an upgraded version of the malware called NotPetya. Ukrainian and U.S. officials accused Russia of spreading malware, but Moscow has categorically denied such speculation.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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