Russians urged to learn how to cook from scraps


Photo: Vladimir Song / RIA Novosti

The news Agency TASS column published gastronomy columnist Elena Chekalova, wife of Leonid Parfenov, dedicated to the rational use of products. The title of the article reads: “the Battle for food: why is it important to learn how to cook from scraps”. After the ridicule in the network, the Agency changed the title to “Battle for food: how to save the world from ecological disaster on the kitchen.”

Chekalova urged not to throw away stale in the refrigerator products. Instead of sending in the trash, leftover food and overflowing landfills, it is suggested to use them for cooking other dishes, like they do in Europe.

“Each of us can begin to do something tomorrow, at least think before you buy or throw away. Sunday lunch was roast chicken, and you all ate? Make Monday with the remnants of chicken sandwich and take with you. Bone pack and put in the freezer. When they scopetta from two to three hens — cook a soup,” advises columnist.

Chekalova notes that the topic of food waste while new for Russia, as well as separate waste collection, but “no less urgent than for other countries.” Deli shared a few recipes of dishes that can be prepared from the fact that “lying around in the corners”.

The authors of the Telegram channels and social media users criticized the TASS for the title. Some did not read the text which they were entitled, and relied on the screenshot title that spread on the network.

“TASS is authorized to declare. Understand that we are already preparing for it,” — said a user with the nickname @Fulyugany.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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