The batteries on the phones were the keepers of important data and a target for hackers


Photo: Mark Makela / Reuters

The batteries of smartphones can be used by hackers to gain access to information on the device. This is stated in the report, presented during the Symposium on Privacy Enhancing Technologies.

To calculate what the owner did with the smartphone, allows the analysis of energy consumption, which can hold the attackers, said the group of experts from the University of Texas at Austin, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Israel Institute of technology.

The researchers found that indicators such as the touch screen and use of applications that consume different amounts of energy can be valuable to attackers. Using these data we can predict that uses a smartphone owner, and in some cases what he is typing at the moment. Thus, hackers can form a holistic “portrait of user activity”.

Manage battery remotely problematic, so to access the smartphone, an attacker would have to insert your own prepared battery. This threat exists when the owner transfers the gadget to anyone, for example, takes it in for repair.

The publication the Register notes that the owners of gadgets while there is no reason to panic because of the vulnerability of the battery, because while the attack remains the only theory that has attempted to test the scientists.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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