Two-headed calf-a mutant born in the Polish village


Photo: Karolina Szarowska

In the Polish village kowalewo Pomorskie was born calf with two heads. It is reported portal Wprost.

Of a newborn animal, said a local veterinarian Carolina Szarowska (Karolina Szarowska). She was called in order to provide a cow to help with the birth. As a result, the mother and calf survived, despite the difficulties, a two-headed calf was born alive.

“Two heads are better than one. And to help IT be born alive was a miracle,” he described experiences vet.

The owner of the cow said that it was the fourth birth of a cow the last time the light has already appeared calves with developmental disabilities: a baby is born with internal organs outside.

Headed calf died shortly afterwards. Environmental activists insist that the increased incidence of birth mutants related to the fact that livestock consume genetically modified feed with a high content of pesticides.

In June it was reported that the Australian farm born lamb-mutant with two bodies, eight legs and one head. The cub was born dead. The farmer took a picture of him and dumped the body for fear of something.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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