Found an unexpected cure for brain tumors


Photo: Alex Aminev / RIA Novosti

A genetically modified polio virus improved the survival of patients with a lethal type of brain tumor — glioblastoma. This writes the online edition of Science Alert.

Usually, patients with glioblastoma, which is the most common malignant brain tumor live on average at least 18-20 months after diagnosis. At relapse, life expectancy is less than a year. However, 21 percent of patients who received the experimental therapy, were alive at three years, whereas among people who received standard drug (control group), the same amount of time lived only four percent.

Overall, median survival, i.e. the time during which died half of the 61 patients in the experimental group was 12.5 months. For inspection, the figure was 11.3 months.

Modified poliovirus, which in a wild form causes severe and deadly infectious disease of the Central nervous system were injected directly into the brain of each patient using the catheter to provoke an increased immune response and cause the death of cancer cells.

However, a number of researchers believe that further clinical studies on a larger number of patients before treatment will be approved. In addition, in the test instead of the actual control group used historical data and a comparison between the latter and the group of subjects is not the optimal statistical method.

Although glioblastoma is often called “brain cancer”, the term “cancer” is usually used in relation to carcinomas develop from the epithelial tissue of various organs. Glioblastoma arises from the uncontrolled division of glial support cells surrounding neural tissue for the transmission of the pulses and perform other functions.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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