China refused to break the deal the U.S. and North Korea


Photo: Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

China is not going to interfere with the deal the U.S. and North Korea on the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. This was stated on Tuesday, July 10, the representative of the Chinese foreign Ministry, Hua Chunying, reports Reuters.

According to her, the position of Beijing on the North Korean problem consistent. China also approaches this issue responsibly, she added.

On 9 July the President of the United States Donald trump wrote on Twitter that the North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN with respect to the signed contract, but Beijing may carry out subversive activities to disrupt the deal because of the us position on Chinese trade.

The leaders of the US and the DPRK on June 12 held their first bilateral summit. They signed on its end, the document that trump called “important, comprehensive and detailed”. Kim Jong-UN thanked his counterpart for a meeting and called to leave all disagreements in the past.

Before this meeting, the media noted that Beijing is a key ally of Pyongyang, which enables China to exert pressure on him, and to dictate terms in negotiations with the administration of the trump in the trade war.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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