Pierced by a pin Indian waited five hours of assistance and survived


Photo: Caters News page in Facebook

The people of India survived after a four-foot iron rod pierced him through his shoulder. This was reported by the newspaper the Daily Mail.

Prajapat Kamal (Kamal Prajapat) returned home from the wedding on Friday, July 6, in Ajmer of Rajasthan state, when his car was hit by a truck which tried to overtake another vehicle. The car of 25-year-old Indian was thrown a few meters from the road, it was accidentally discovered by a passing motorist just five hours later, the man writhed in pain and bled.

He was immediately taken to the hospital, where a team of 10 doctors conducted a 10-hour operation to remove the metal pin. The procedures were successful, Prajapita will be released as soon as his wounds heal. “Curved four-foot iron rod pierced his shoulder and right arm. He lost a lot of blood, but was conscious and talked all the time. We immediately operated on him and hooked up to a ventilator, his condition is stable,” — said Dr. Shiv Kumar Bunkar (Shiv Kumar Bunkar), head of the surgical Department of the hospital.

The victim’s brother Sunil Kumar (Sunil Kumar) called the incident a miracle and thanked the gods and doctors for saving my brother.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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