FIFA did not like the beautiful cheerleaders in the stands


Photo: Vladimir Song / RIA Novosti

The international football Federation (FIFA) urged broadcasters to show less plans attractive cheerleaders during the broadcast of the matches. Reported by the Associated Press.

The head of Department FIFA on sustainable development and diversity Federico Addiechi called the position of the Federation “normal evolution” and noted improvements in the policy of the broadcasting of Russian broadcasters.

Request relates to the anti-discrimination policy pursued by FIFA. Experts of the organization said that cases related to sexism, are more common than violations motivated by racism. The earlier a potential problem at the world Cup in Russia was called racism, according to AP.

Wednesday, July 11, it became known that the sports journalist of Brazil organized a campaign against sexual harassment after he faced during the world Cup in Russia with blatant harassment of fans. They launched the campaign “Let her run” and the hashtag in social media (#LetHerWork), and also recorded a video, designed to put an end to sexism and harassment that they face in their daily work.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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