Yerevan responded to the shooting of Russian soldiers in Armenian village


Nichol Fascinante: Aram Nersesian / RIA Novosti

Arranged by the Russian military firing in the village Panik, Shirak region of Armenia, is a provocation against the relations of Moscow and Yerevan and sovereignty of Armenia. On Thursday, July 19, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinian, the Agency “Novosti-Armenia”.

According to him, there is a problem with identifying the mechanisms of the investigation of the incident. “The investigation should be clarified items relating to international treaties and legislation of Armenia. However, I know that now the police are preparing relevant materials, and I hope that further investigation will be fruitful,” added Pashinyan.

In addition, on Wednesday, the defense Minister of Armenia Davit Tonoyan discussed the details of the incident with the temporary attorney of Russia in Yerevan Andrey Ivanov, the military attaché of the Embassy of Russia in Armenia Jevgenijs Bulavintseva and the commander of the Russian 102nd base Vladimir Alkanoyl. The Minister asked the Russian side to provide detailed information about the incident. Alkhanov said that the exercise that caused a stir was included in the Armenian side agreed with the program of combat training of the Russian base in 2018, than the command of the base in an appropriate manner notify the competent authorities of Armenia.

July 17 soldiers of the 102nd Russian military base conducted exercises in the administrative area of Panic, scaring the locals by firing blank cartridges.

The social network Facebook also has a video conversation local residents with Russian servicemen.

Armen Hayarpi Gevorgyan / Facebook

The Governor of Shirak region Karen Sarukhanyan later said that the Russian military reported a force majeure situation and apologized for the incident.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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