A popular game turned into a money mule to launder stolen money


Photo: Jaap Arriens / Globallookpress.com

Scammers have begun to trade on Facebook tools that automatically transform the number of stolen Bank cards in in-game currency. Then they change it for real money, said the experts from German security company Security Kromtech in his blog.

Experts have found that hackers were “washed” money from a credit card, buying the currency in mobile games Clash of Clans, Clan Royale and Marvel Contest of Champions. Researchers have discovered a criminal scheme in June, when they searched the database management system MongoDB open source. Base there were only a few months, but it was no protection, and inside there were 37.6 thousand credit card numbers.

Krometech Community also found a link to the group in Facebook, where scammers have organized automated system that processed the credit card, attach them to new accounts and Apple was shopping in the game. After these steps, the criminals sold the resulting currency on the gray market.

The experts were unable to figure out how much money I managed to clean up the crooks with the help of mobile games. They found that the automated scheme worked for a month and a half before was discovered. The system report the researchers sent to the U.S. justice Department and the game developers. Experts also said that more strict check of Bank cards from Apple would make fraud much more difficult for fraudsters.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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