Israel first used the “Sling of David”


Photo: Public Domain / Wikimedia

The Israel defense forces for the first time and unsuccessfully applied in combat conditions missile defense system (NMD) David’s Sling (“Sling of David”), according to a blog oleggranovsky.

Israeli missile interceptor and David’s Sling was released two Syrian ballistic missiles “Point” (9K79, OTR-21, SS-21 Scarab). 25 seconds after the start it became clear that one of the Syrian missiles will fall in Syria, one kilometre from the border of Israel, after which the interceptor was blown up in the air. The second interceptor continued the flight towards their goal, however, for technical reasons, did not hit the target.

Fragments of missiles “Tochka” fell in Syrian territory. Israeli military to investigate the cause of the failure of a missile defense system David’s Sling.

This incident was the first combat use of “Sling of David”. Defense army started to test the elements of the system in 2016. Tested an upgraded version of David’s Sling was completed in 2017. Tiered missile defense system designed to intercept enemy missiles at a range of 70-300 km. The main developers David’s Sling — Israeli Rafael and American Raytheon. The system should occupy an intermediate position between the middle of the “Iron dome” and the far “Fortress wall”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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