The musician spat in a fan’s beer and saved her from the deadly disease


Photo: @JeffreyFilman

Guitarist of American metal band Every Time I Die Jordan Buckley (Jordan Buckley) told how he sprayed a fan of beer at the concert. Because of the pain in the eyes she asked the doctor what had helped to detect the brain tumor. About this musician wrote on his Twitter account.

“Do you guys want to hear a fucking crazy story?” — Buckley started a story. He told me that he was approached by one of the fans and admitted that once was at their concert in the first rows, and her eyes got a little bit of beer, which the guitarist spat at the audience.

The next day his eyes ached, and she suspected his infection went to the doctor. The girl was tested, and passed inspection. As a result, the doctors found that the cause was a brain tumor. The disease was detected early and the tumor removed.

The course of the story, the musician apologized and we were preparing for the lawsuit. But as soon as he found out that his antics helped to diagnose the tumor, felt the shock.

A fan of the guitarist admitted that he saved her life and thanked him. “Morality? The trip to our show may save your life,” concluded the musician.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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