Papa John’s has filed a lawsuit against Papa John’s


John Shatterface: Danny Moloshok / Reuters

The founder of pizza chain Papa John’s John Shatter (Papa John’s) sued the company after his dismissal from the post of Chairman of the Board of Directors. According to him, the decision to dismiss from the office were based on “rumour and innuendo” and was perhaps pre-planned. It is reported by CNN.

In Papa John’s has called this lawsuit is useless and costly.

According to Snatcher, who lost his post because of racist remarks, he uttered the word “nigger” was used in the description of the speech of the founder of KFC Colonel Harland Sanders, but he is not thought to apply it. The businessman also said that the company did not even conduct any investigation before to deprive him of his office.

According to the TV station, Sneferu, meanwhile, still owns 29 percent of shares of Papa John’s.

Earlier in July, the firm has accused its founder of being racist and has removed him from control. The name of Shatter was removed from all commercials and marketing materials. He also took office in the headquarters of the company.

This decision was made after a conference call with top managers and representatives marketing the company’s Laundry Service. In his speech, in which he was asked about the support of right-wing groups, the businessman said, “Colonel Sanders called black blacks” and a few words that are considered racist.

Papa John’s operates five thousands of restaurants around the world. The sales network is second only to the competitors of Domino’s and Pizza Hut.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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