Cossacks disown a roster of “enemies of the people” for 60 million rubles



Ryazan Cossacks did not confirm information about the Russian unified register of “enemies of the people” for 60 million rubles, where they were supposed to contain information about the liberals and critics of the government. This “Moscow speaking” said the head of the Cossack’s information-analytical center Alexey Zborovskiy.

“It’s a fake. I have Cossacks WhatsApp wrote about it. Know the author of this fake. This one Valery Rozanov — mage, wizard, warlock, a specialist in NLP, as he calls himself. He is trying to draw attention to their publications,” said Zborowski.

Earlier, the coordinator for outreach of the Cossacks Valery Rozanov in his personal blog on “7×7” wrote that the Partnership of the Ryazan Cossacks Cossack General Andrei Datsenko going to develop a database called “PATRIOT”, which will contain information “about the persons professing liberal values or adhering to a radical Westernization”, and also about the impending protests.

The publication said that the Cossacks want to use the information collected to make life difficult for the list of persons involved and their families. Supposedly, the Partnership wanted to ensure that the officials did not give money to “the enemy”, and the providers did not provide them with Internet access. Rozanov noted that the drafters of the registry is ready to let the liberals and their children “even to do on a budget in the institutions,” if they can prove that they are patriots.

The project cost was estimated at 60 million rubles, which the Cossacks allegedly hoped to receive from the state under the program of subsidies for public institutions.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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