The Russian arrived from Tver to Norilsk on the bike


Julia Michielutte: Nicholas Sipko / Taimyr Telegraph

Yulia Mikhailyuk from Tver arrived to Norilsk on a Bicycle, transfers “Taimyr Telegraph”.

This route took her over two months. “By mid-July was in Yeniseisk, thence down the river reached Dudinka, — the woman told. — I am now in Kayyerkan, where the Central area reached by bike, although there was a heavy rain!”

In 2007, mykhailiuk was recognized as the most senior lady of the country. Then she’s seven months overcame 20 thousand kilometers, reaching Sakhalin.

Cycling former teacher involved with 1995, after retirement, and has already visited France, Germany, Poland and Belgium. In particular, she likes to travel through the Russian North: Arkhangelsk region, Karelia Republic, Murmansk oblast and Yamal.

In Norilsk with Mikhailyuk met representatives of the local Cycling club.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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