A colleague killed in Africa, journalists reported a strange behaviour of their driver


His Ramalhoto: Valeriy Levitin / RIA Novosti

The driver, who was killed in the CAR carrying journalist Orhan Jemal, Alexander Rastorguev and Kirill Radchenko for a meeting with a local consultant, was acting suspiciously. This was reported RIA Novosti the head of the “control Center investigations” (LRC) Andrew konyahin together in which the dead journalists were filming a movie.

The driver, who got the crew, on formal grounds was reliable, says konyahin. He was from the UN mission and was working in databases in the Central African Republic French journalists.

“We have no doubt, but somehow he was kind of strange, razrulivaya this situation, so I said to them: “it is very strange behavior, like fire”,” remember konyahin.

According to him, went with the driver, even if he was sure that the driver “all right.” “The next day I went halfway they were shot, the driver was still alive — suddenly,” said the head of the sdgs.

Konyahin notes that his colleagues deviated from the planned route of 23 kilometers. According to him, with him they were about 8.5 thousand dollars, which was intended for a two-week stay. “Prices there’s a space,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

Earlier, the mayor of sibut (near it were found the bodies of journalists) Henri Debele, quoting testimony of survivors and the driver said that the car with the crew fired from the bushes around midnight July 30.

Sources “Interfax” stated that the crew could have killed the robbers.

The Russian foreign Ministry confirmed the death of Jemal, Rastorguev and Radchenko in the CAR. According to the foreign Ministry, the Russian Embassy in the Republic has not been informed about the stay on the territory of the Russian journalists. They were entering the state on a tourist visa, said the speaker of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. She called “nonsense” the information about what journalists were doing in the CAR with the investigation of the so-called private military companies (PMCs) Wagner. “Slain Russian journalists on the basis of the place of detection of bodies moving is not there, where instructors work”, — concluded the representative of the Ministry.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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