It became known about the kidnapping and interrogation of the dead in Africa journalists



Members of the Russian crew who were killed in the Central African Republic before violence kidnapped and interrogated, according to the portal citing its own sources. The website also published a photograph, which depicts two bodies.

According to him, the murder of the journalist Orhan Cemal, directed by Alexander Rastorguev and operator Kirill Radchenko involved the militants of the Muslim group Seleka, which controls the neighborhood of the city, Dekoa (it is on the way, which drove the Russians). They are led by a man named Noureddine Adam (Adam Nourrédine).

The publication notes that the decision of the Russians to go without an escort was a “big mistake.”

Advanced portal version is different from the one that brought Andrew konyahin, Chapter “control Center investigations”, together with which group was shot in a CAR documentary. In his words, journalists fired at on the road after they have deviated from the planned route, but the driver allocated to them from the UN mission, was still alive.

The Russian foreign Ministry denied reports that the group was engaged in CAR the investigation into the activities of private military companies; konyahin reported that in the Republic they were filming a movie about local life. According to authorities, they arrived in the country as tourists and had his journalistic accreditation expired.

The version of the involvement of militants “Selkov” the murder of Jamal, Rastorguev and Radchenko in the CAR has already been expressed. The sources do not rule out robbery — a film crew was expensive equipment and large by local standards the amount of money (about 8,5 thousand dollars).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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