On Google maps found a few “ghosts”


Image: Google Street View

Users of Google Street View has considered the panoramas ghostly man and woman. Reported by the Daily Star.

Photographs taken in the street of Saint-Jean-Baptiste in Quebec, revealed an unusual couple. Woman in sunglasses holds the hand of his companion, with their bodies marked only by the outline, and through them clearly visible building.

The appearance of “ghosts” in the photos, as the newspaper writes, may be due to a mistake when shooting that led to a partial image capture. Due to the same effect are distorted and the people who took the picture for this pair.

The panoramas of Google street often notice unusual objects. In late July, netizens have discovered pictures of three-legged woman, a mutant, and a little earlier in the same month, in the shot of a visitor to a sex shop, leaving the store with a full shopping bag.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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