Schools and kindergartens eagle got into huge debts because of the may decrees


Photo: Alexei Vladykin / RIA Novosti

The power of the eagle going to take credit for 102 million rubles to the beginning of the school year earned the local schools and kindergartens with frozen accounts, “Kommersant”writes.

Funds will be used to pay debts on insurance premiums of ten municipal budget organizations, including several schools and kindergartens, theatre and management culture. These institutions are unable to pay taxes due to the execution of the may decrees — the salaries of teachers there were below average for the region, and to increase them all the money gone. Also have schools by July 1, has accumulated a debt to the power for 190 million rubles.

An anonymous source at city hall told the publication that due to the presidential Executive orders already in the first year the eagle was 600 million of accounts payable. The city began to sell off assets to pay off debt. “Less equipment means fewer base for budget revenues, rent nothing, every year the situation only was aggravated,” — said the interlocutor of “Kommersant”.

Earlier in a similar situation of the educational institution TRANS-Baikal and Primorsky territories, which also lost access to their accounts because of the need to fulfill the may decrees. After the locks there is a problem with payment of teachers ‘ salaries. In November 2017, the state Duma tried to ease social tensions by adopting a law that allows to pay for teachers, even with blocked accounts.

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