The crown of the Swedish king kidnapped


Photo: Pontus Stenberg / TT News Agency / Reuters

In the Swedish town of Strangnas, stole jewels of the king and Queen, who ruled Sweden in the early seventeenth century. This publication reports The Guardian.

Two crowns and power used during the funeral of Charles IX and his second wife Christina of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp, was kept in the Cathedral of Strängnäs, standing on the hill by the lake mälaren. They are made of gold and decorated with beads, pearls and rock crystal.

The theft occurred on Tuesday, July 31. About noon two attacker came to the Cathedral, which was open to visitors, broke the window and took the crown. When the alarm went off, the thieves grabbed the loot, ran from the Cathedral and the hillside ran to the lake. They jumped into their waiting boat and escaped. None of the witnesses of the crime were not injured.

The police suspect that the attackers went on an extensive lake system located just West of Stockholm. In pursuit of them abandoned river boats and a helicopter, however, yet to apprehend the thieves failed. “One — nil in their favor,” — declared the representative of the Swedish police Thomas Agnevik (Thomas Agnevik). The experts doubt that the thieves will be able to sell such recognizable objects.

In may it was reported that in the UK revealed the secret of the stolen Cup world Cup. The identity of the organizers of the high-profile theft that happened in 1966, uncovered one of the relatives.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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