Centennial American explained the longevity of loneliness


Louise Jean Signoret: WABC-TV / YouTube

The new Yorker Louise Jean Signoret (Jean Louise Signore), celebrated the 106th birthday, attributed his longevity physical activity, diet and loneliness. This publication reports the New York Post.

The woman was born in 1912 in a family of Italian Americans. Until 1977 he worked in the organization of passenger transportation in new York, then retired. Lives alone, but often visits the local center for the elderly.

“I never thought I’d see this,’ she says. — When I started going to this center, there was a woman who turned 100 years old. I said, “Oh, my God! Her 100 years!” Now, me 106″.

Signoret considers that preserved the health due to constant physical activity. She’s nine years he engaged in swimming, and when he grew up, tried to walk more, he was fond of dancing and bocce is an Italian game similar to petanque. Even in old age, the woman continues to exercise.

Another reason is a healthy diet. She recalls family dinners “Every night we had salad, fruit and vegetables. And always wine on the table. And cake and soda only on Sundays”.

Her fiancé was killed during world war II. After that Signoret did not married, children from her either. “I am unmarried,’ she says. — I think this is another secret of my longevity”.

In may it was reported that 106-year-old British Madeline Dai believes the secret of his longevity rejection of relationships with men. In her opinion, so she avoided the stress associated with marriage and relationships.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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