China responded to the US threats


Photo: Kevin Frayer / Getty Images

China has threatened the U.S. to retaliate to the imposition of new trade duties on their goods. On it informs Agency Bloomberg, referring to the statement of the Ministry of Commerce of China.

“With regard to threats to the United States for further escalation of the trade war, China is ready, we will be forced to take necessary countermeasures,” — said in a statement. The Ministry also noted that these actions are due to protection of national pride and interests of the people of China.

“Tactics of carrot and stick, where you try to play USA against China is useless,” — said in a statement. At the same time, the Agency notes U.S. readiness to resume negotiations with China, provided that Beijing will make certain concessions.

The US administration said earlier that is going to increase to 25 per cent import duty on Chinese goods and services worth $ 200 billion. Initially the American President Donald trump wanted to introduce a duty of 10 per cent, but later found the figures insufficient.

Trump on 20 July argued that ready to go to the end and to impose duties on all Chinese imports totaling about $ 500 billion.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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